“The Walking Dead” and late capitalism: A criminological take on the zombie apocalypse with Dr Tom Raymen

In this episode, Elizabeth joins Dr Tom Raymen of Plymouth University to discuss the drama series The Walking Dead. For more information about The Walking Dead, visit the show’s page. Tom’s paper about the series Living in the end times through popular culture: An ultra-realist analysis of The Walking Dead as popular criminology is published in the journal Crime Media Culture. Evan Osnos’s article for the New Yorker, Doomsday Prep for the Super Rich, can be accessed here.  To find out more about Tom’s work, please check out his Plymouth University staff page.  You can follow Tom on Twitter @TWRaymen.

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Image: “walking-dead-zombies-destroyed-city-1666584” By Ahmadreza89 [CC0 (https://pixabay.com/en/walking-dead-zombies-destroyed-city-1666584/)]  via pixabay

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