Special Episode – Websleuthing: Citizen detectives in the 21st century

On the show this week we’re talking about websleuths, or as we prefer to call them – “citizen detectives”. I join two colleagues from Birmingham City University – Emma Kelly (@crimemma) and Adam Lynes (@Lynesey89) – to discuss the research we carried out into this phenomenon. I also speak to Lance Reenstierna (@LReenstierna) and Tim Pilleri (@TimPilleri), creators and hosts of the Missing Maura Murray (@MauraMurrayDoc) and Crawlspace (@CrawlSpacePod) podcasts to discuss their experiences of being citizen detectives and working with other websleuths.

The first reference we found to citizen detectives in news media – the case of Amanda Froistad.

Billy Jensen’s article – Will the Internet Find Maura Murray?

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Image: By iAmMrRob [CC0 (https://pixabay.com/en/hacking-cyber-blackandwhite-crime-2903156/)] via pixabay

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