Episode 4 – Robert Godwin Sr and “Facebook Murder”, Dr Adam Lynes, American Justice

In this month’s Crime Case Study, Elizabeth is joined by Professor David Wilson and Emma Kelly to discuss the murder of Robert Godwin Sr – a case that generated worldwide debate about the use of Facebook by homicide perpetrators. In Researcher Profile, Dr Adam Lynes talks about his work as a criminologist exploring the occupations of serial killersThe BBC documentary series “American Justice” is the focus of this month’s Crime Seen on Screen. Elizabeth talks to criminologists Dr James Treadwell and Mohammed Rahman about their thoughts on the programme.

Links to further information about the topics covered this month…

Elizabeth’s blog about the death of Robert Godwin Sr and the phenomenon of “Facebook Murder” – http://crimebites.co.uk/2017/04/17/the-facebook-killing-of-robert-godwin-performance-homicide-and-the-culture-of-narcissism/

WKYC article covering the funeral of Robert Godwin Sr, including embedded video of the full service – http://www.wkyc.com/news/local/church-service-full-as-family-friends-said-goodbye-to-robert-godwin-sr/433347015

Article by Phillip Morris, “The death of a Cleveland fisherman” – http://www.cleveland.com/morris/index.ssf/2017/04/the_death_of_a_cleveland_fishe.html

Details of Elizabeth’s research with Professor David Wilson – “Making Sense of Facebook Murder” – http://www.bcu.ac.uk/news-events/news/six-faces-of-killers-on-facebook-revealed

Dr Adam Lynes is on Twitter @lynesey89. His book, “The Road to Murder”, is published by Waterside Press – http://www.watersidepress.co.uk/acatalog/Road-to-Murder-9781909976375.html

Follow Dr James Treadwell and Mohammed Rahman on Twitter @James_Treadwell @crimoeology. More information about the BBC series “American Justice” http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08kbrc7

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Minisode – Criminologists discuss BBC One’s “Line of Duty”

In this minisode, Elizabeth joins two criminologists from Birmingham City University – Emma Kelly (Criminology Programme Director) and Liam Brolan (Lecturer in Criminology) to discuss the BBC One crime drama series Line of Duty.

Music for Crime Bites is by Lee Rosevere at Happy Puppy Records (http://www.happypuppyrecords.ca/).

Clips from Line of Duty in this minisode are used in accordance with the fair dealing exception to copyright for the purposes of criticism and review.  For more information about Line of Duty, please visit http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00yzlr0