Crime Bites – a new podcast coming soon!

I’m a true crime podcast junkie. I’m fascinated by the cases and topics they cover. I’m intrigued by the different ways they tell real crime stories. I’m also a criminologist working in a UK university. I specialize in the study of homicide and crime in the media. So I thought why not bring these things together and create my own podcast?

That was the beginning of Crime Bites. This brand new monthly podcast will explore crime and society’s response to it by drawing on criminological ideas. In each episode I’ll be joined by other criminologists and we’ll discuss how some of the concepts we use in our day jobs can shed new light on cases that people care about and issues that people feel passionate about.

We’ll start each episode with Crime Case Study, where we’ll look at one particular case or issue in detail. After this I’ll talk to a criminologist about their work in Researcher Profile. We’ll end each episode with Crime Seen on Screen, where we’ll discuss a television crime drama or documentary.

The intro episode is available above and will be shortly followed by Episode One.

Watch this space!

Music for Crime Bites is by Happy Puppy Records

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